CyberObjects : clever information systems...
"Because most of the time available software solutions are about tracking what went wrong... ...rather than providing means to avoid things going wrong or, at least, giving a way to take, in real time, the best appropriate action ; often related to timely alerts to the right people and an escalation process." > Business2Any invented the concept of 'CyberObjects', to easily convert any physical object into a smartobject, able to make decisions in the monitoring of your processes and to back you in your daily operations.
'CyberObjects' are a standardized approach (designing and programming) of open and distributed software intelligence to meet the following challenges: Internet of Things (Internet des Objets), Autonomic, ubiquitous or ambient computing, Cyber-Physical Systems, Multi-agent systems able to learn on the return on experience, Enernet and Smart Grids, But also other related topics such as Web 3.0, Semantic Web, Context aware small & Big DATA, etc.
CyberObjects = "Physical Objects + IDs + data carriers + associated software intelligences". 100% event driven, they become actors of your value chain and can be dynamically integrated to your existing IT systems. Auto-organized in a standardized software architecture (either embedded, hosted remotely in the Cloud or locally in your own IT infrastructure), CyberObjects will help you to handle your daily operations at every subsidiary level of your organization in real-time... and will collaborate with your team as smart and efficient assistants. With CyberObjects, give your assets enough intelligence to back you in your B2B, B2C, B2B2C, B2M, B2Any, M2M, M2H,... processes.
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