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The 1st Automated App to book meetings



is the 1st Automated App to book meetings… and the next universal open marketplace !

We spend too much time and cognitive effort to just planning and managing our time :

  • from organizing meetings at work,
  • to planning meetings with doctors, hair dressers, piano or maths teachers,
  • to planning vacation rentals, booking transportation,
  • to (even) planning catch up and « fun » time with friends…

And, last but not least, we always have to switch from 1 specific platform to another to

book 2 different things / services, although we will use it simultaneously for the same purpose !

In our busy life, we need help to easily plan and automatically book availabilities, meetings with friends, co-workers, or service providers of any kind…
…We need a personal assistant ! We need WHEEN: to easily and automatically book meetings with anyone.




  1. WHEEN automatically checks people’s availability directly in their Smartphone’s calendars…
  2. WHEEN automatically suggests the best options to fit everyone’s time schedule, from the initially defined constraints and needs…
  3. Upon users’ agreement, WHEEN books the selected option in all participants’ calendars smartphone.

Key points :

  • Real Time Booking : Anywhere, Anytime, Anyone, Any device
  • Privacy Respectful (vs others, no advertising)
  • Peer to Peer Distributed smart decisional Intelligence

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