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Distributed artificial intelligence (DAI) to better pilot your business in an uncertain context

Pilot your operations as they are, not as they ‘ideally’ should be…

Since 2009, we are both an ‘early innovator’ and a ‘reference’ in the field of the ‘Internet of Things’.

We were the first to introduce the ‘object-actor’ or ‘cyberobject‘ concept (illustrated by embedded or cloud-hosted intelligent software AVATARS, associated with physical objects), which has been reused, more recently, by many stakeholders.

Software AVATARS can help you to, dynamically and contextually, monitor and run your business, whatever is the context:

  • structured processes,
  • uncertainty, chaos,
  • fully open value chains…

AVATARS can also be associated with electronic devices, sensory technologies and existing computer systems : ERP, WMS, software, web applications, etc.

One of our specific offers – Thin-Track – is a ‘distributed software’ that manages asset flows (or objects: raw materials, spare parts, packaging, semi-finished products, manufactured or consumer goods…) in any kind of value chain. Thin-Track’s main features are: in/outdoor geo-localization able to work without (expensive) hardware solutions (tags, antennas…), real-time alerts / information on asset flows; and continuous inventory management… but it can also be easily extended with many other additional features.

More generally, our approach is based on a proven, recursive and decisional-based design method (B-ADSc), used in both the industry and military areas (French army). It fully meets the challenges posed by the proliferation of both electronic devices & sensory technologies (barcodes, RFID, NFC, GPS, sensors, actuators…) in modern organizations open on their ecosystem… and the associated ‘buzz’ of information it raises in their IT systems.

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