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Solutions for open and extended organizations

Your business playground is large, open and complex: distinct boundaries between the different players/ecosystems in your value chain (suppliers, contractors, subcontractors, distributors, end users, public bodies, objects, market, etc.) no longer exist.

When facing this problem of ‘COMPLEXITY’, the promises of existing software applications were to suggest models that would CONTROL reality through massive standardization…

Offer b2a

Since reality had just become uncontrollable, as uncertain and permanently changing, Business2Any suggests a different approach, which – methodically – replaces the word ‘CONTROLING’ by the word ‘PILOTING’…

We, then, delivers:

  • Services (IT re-engineering of complex organizations : consulting, studies, project management, software design & specifications, offshored software development, IT urbanization & integration, event-driven architectures, complex-event streaming processing*, etc.) ;
  • And software development (Automation, see also « Products ») ;

We build our approach on a method : Bucki-Decisional Analysis of Complex Systems (B-ADSc) and its associated tools.

Doing so, we help CIOs, IT companies, Consulting Firms, software publishers and integrators or end users… to address these issues and create appropriate ‘distributed intelligence based’ applications of a new kind : where the physical objects have decision-making autonomy and can interact and collaborate.

We also design our own B-ADSc applications, perfectly adapted to the challenges of the Internet of Things and critical event-based systems.

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