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Dynamic & real-time management of assets flows and storage spaces


Low cost in/outdoor RTLS (Real-time locating system)… without expensive hardware infrastructure (GPS/radio frequency (RF)/optical or acoustic technologies/transmitters/receivers/…) : Thin-Track makes your assets smart and efficient assistants !

You are managing assets flows: manufactured products, raw materials, packaging, reusable transport items, supplies, spare parts or sales items…

These are ‘just-in-time’ (JIT) flows, or your standby/rolling storage is ephemeral…

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However your daily concerns are:

  • Track & Trace, dynamic analysis and optimization of your flows,
  • Control over your operations in a fluctuating context and an uncertain market,
  • Improvement of your stock coverage, including seasonal demands,
  • Limit errors, anomalies, shrinkage and wastage,
  • Efficiency of your team and improvement of a customer driven approach,
  • Better control over operating costs in your warehouses/storage places,
  • Reducing stocks level, etc.

Thin-Track® is a software engine that basically Tracks and Traces objects in both structured and unstructured areas

…then significantly enhances existing stock or assets flow management. It can either be a complementary solution to your existing systems : WMS, TMS, ERP, etc. ; or stand-alone in case there is no such software in place. Unstructured areas are generally used without formal procedures, therefore rarely monitored in the current Information System : downgraded management or no management at all.

Such areas does not have any spatial organization: neither ground/cell references nor cheaper geolocation / triangulation possibilities (e.g. military storage area in the middle of the desert).

But which can do more can do less, Thin-Track® also allows a dynamic and real-time management of structured (organized) storage areas, giving end users monitoring capabilities they hardly accessed so far.

… Just because Thin-Track® handles operations as it occurs and not as, ideally, it should be.

Each object/asset is associated with a dedicated software intelligence, or avatar, fed with events and readings made on the object’s data and captured during its lifecycle via barcode, RFID, NFC… This avatar then helps the object to permanently locate itself in its immediate 3D environment, such a location being made relatively to closest objects (instead of missing formal spatial coordinates). Thin-Track® permanently readjusts its own understanding of real operations throughout a simple & dynamic exchange with end users during their interactions… Then helps to track stored objects in real time for any purpose (handling, inventory, picking, stock reorganization, etc.) and to trace logistic units during complex operations: cross-docking, heterogeneous mother-daughter pallets pedigrees, etc.

Working with or in parallel with existing systems, Thin-Track® gives operational staff a dynamic and multi-site mapping that shows, in real time, actual positions, history and stock movements for every tracked object. It then allows multi-criteria and on-the-go searching for a better decision-making in daily operations.

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